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Metalface helps you as a metalrecycler in your business. It is completely free to use!. Anticipate, network, follow price development en currencyfluctuations, communicate, find and be found.

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Make contacts, search metal recyclers at over 15.000 companies worldwide. Be easily found by local and international metal & scrap recyclers.

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Recycling companies

Where is who

17.000 companies. Search in the biggest online database for metal companies worldwide with our extensive map feature.


Search the recycling industry

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Who works where? Search for people and companies in the metal recycling world by products, machinery, location, interest, specialities, company or just by name.

Who is who

Real-time communication


Communicate in real-time with all your contacts with the chat app. Secure chat on PC, Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets and Blackberry devices. Contrary to, for example, Whatsapp your messages will never be lost.


Metal and scrap pricing

Up to date price info

See what other metal recyclers pay for their materials or share your own sell scrap metal prices with business relations or within your own company or group.

News and alerts

breaking news

News and Alerts

Be the first the hear about breaking news, fresh from the biggest news sources (Bloomberg amongst others). but also local updates from federations, magazines or from our own news desk that will warn you for example on possible price fluctuations of metals or currencies.



Many companies, from big internationals to local traders are ready to start publishing photo's, materials and offers. Join them and activate your business.


Networking in the recycling metal industry

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